Property Management and your Board of Directors would like to notify you of different projects that will be occurring during the month of May and June.


  • Installation of a speed bump outside the Via P. entrance gate.

  • Stenciling & painting of parking space stripes & red zones on the main road and interior parking areas.

  • Painting of Unit letters on vehicle garage door frames.

  • Installation of parking signs along the fence line on the main road.

  • Repairs to pool tiles along the outside of the pool & pool ladders.

  • Plant new trees in zone 1 & 2. ( see map )

  • Hydro Seeding of hillsides.

18802 Vista Del Canon_-23.JPG


  • New parking passes available now, contact Management.

  • Chimney project is starting, click here for more information.  

  • Neighborhood Watch meetings each month. 

  • Lattice installation available to patio and balcony owners via architectural request.